Africa is a continent which captures your heart with the openness of its people, vibrant colours, stunning scenery and famous wildlife. Go on safari and spot magnificent lions, fierce hippopotami and shy zebras and giraffes. Stay in the wildlife parks themselves and be lulled to sleep by the animal calls outside. Wonder at the Victoria Falls, whose thunderous waters can be heard long before they are seen. Drive the scenic Garden Route along the coast of the Indian Ocean in South Africa and see the Cape Fur seals and ascend Table Mountain by cable car and enjoy the panoramic views from the top. Visit north Africa and cruise up the Nile, past ancient Egyptian treasures and see the pyramids for yourself. Experience a warm welcome from Tunisia and Morocco, exploring the souqs, savouring the delicious cuisine and enjoying the very different scenery that north Africa offers. One thing’s for sure: wherever you go, you are certain to always remember the trip.