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Azerbaijan as a tour and holiday destination
Azerbaijan as a country offers something for everyone whether young or old. Be sure to make the best out of your visit here.

Azerbaijan is home to a fair amount of mud volcanoes compared to any other country in the world; more than 400 approximately. Other than that, Azerbaijanis are so passionate about their carpet that they even built a museum shaped like a giant roll-up rug – Carpet Museum. As this tour will begin in the capital city of Baku, be sure to stopover and admire some of the whimsical architecture in the area; namely the curvaceous Heydar Aliyev Center, the peculiar shaped SOCAR Tower and the trio Flame Towers which represents the Azerbaijani’s oil and gas reserves.

Furthermore, be transported to Venice as Baku boasts of its man-made waterway that floats in between shops, entertainment outlets and restaurants. While there, be sure to experience the unique tea culture, visit the large Caspian Sea and hike up the Caucasus Mountain.

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