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Cambodia as a tour and holiday destination
Cambodia is definitely one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. This country is located in Southeast Asia and is part of the Indochina Peninsula. This country is bordered by Thailand and Vietnam. It has a rich mix of traditional and modern architecture and this adds to the beauty of this island nation. Cambodia has a population of about 1.8 million people and 95% of the people here practise Theravada Buddhism. Most Cambodians are very warm and very accommodating people. The famous place in Cambodia is the Angkor Wat, which used to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Must-visit places in Cambodia
Some of the other attractions in Cambodia include the warm tropical climate, lots of beautiful beaches and great temples. Cambodia is also famous for its great cuisine. If you are the kind of person who loves seafood, you may never want to leave Cambodia. While you are in this country, you must visit the famous Sihanoukville white sand beach. Everything you need to make your holiday success is right here. You can just chill on the beach or go swimming. You can also feast on seafood, drink coconut milk and eat delicious Cambodia food. There is also plenty of shopping and nightlife in many parts of this charming country.

Best time to visit Cambodia
The best time to visit Cambodia is during the months of December and January. At this time, the rainy season has ended but the hot/dry season has not really begun so the weather is mild. This is also the right time to catch festivals like Christmas and New Year (Cambodia style). Other colorful festivals around this time include the Victory Day on January 7 and the Chinese New Year.

Every year, Cambodia receives over 2 million visitors. These people have excellent reasons for coming to this beautiful place. Join them, visit Cambodia and you will fall in love with this country.

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