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China as a tour and holiday destination
China, or more formerly known as The People’s Republic of China, is long known for its small gadgets and massive population. Another well-known fact is that this antediluvian country is also home to many of the world’s most beautiful, natural territory around. The allurement of this adventurous place spans a massive area of over 9,600,000 sq km. The population in China has now grown in numbers that have reached over 1 billion people. Most of the inhabitants of this mass country live on the eastern side of it as much of China is covered in inhabitable terrains such as mountains and desert. These terrains may not be able to accommodate a home, but they do offer the sightseer an abundance of picturesque views.

Must-visit places in China
Vacationers of all types will definitely want to bring their cameras with them to capture the unbelievable beauty that this ancient country has to offer. Adventure seekers will fall in love with the many mountains to climb, and the abundance of caves to explore. One scenic place that should be on all tourists must visit lists is the Gonggar Mountain, which is located in the southwestern Sichuan province. This magnificent mountain range has a massive park located just at the base of it, and two of the ten hot springs located there are accessible to the tourists. Cave exploration must include a tour of the Benxi Water Caves. There are two parts to this fabulous landmark which include a dry cave and a wet one. The ceilings, floors and walls of the wet cave are covered in an array of colored stalagmites and stalactites, which create the beautiful covering over the underground river. Tours on a boat are available to tourists of this area, and make travel through the remarkable caves effortless.

Best time to visit China
Do plan ahead for a holiday to visit all of the wonderful attractions that this country has to offer. Weather is a big deterrent for many tourists if they do not know what time of year to visit. Try to plan vacations early in the spring or late in the fall if a lot of outdoor sightseeing is on the agenda. These months are cooler than the summer, and rainfall is at a minimum during these times.

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