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Croatia as a tour and holiday destination
Croatia is a nation that is simply irresistibly enticing to its visitors. Despite keeping up to the current trends of modern-day technology and development, Croatia has managed to preserve its essence as to its original state. A calm and timeless country, Croatia boasts the best of its rich cultural heritage with its many historical centres around the country. Categorized into two distinct regions, the continental and the coastal areas both represent Croatia uniquely.

Go on a typical Mediterranean cruise and head to Dubrovnik, a must-visit city in Croatia. Dubbed ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik is surrounded by some of the most magnificent architecture. Walk down the main pedestrian thoroughfare of Placa and visits in plentiful cafes and shops. Visit the churches, monasteries and museums that are finely carved and ornamented. Beyond Dubrovnik is the beautiful beaches and islands of the Mediterranean. Be sure to soak yourself and enjoy the amazing views and waters at the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The largest National Park in Croatia is also a UNESCO world heritage site especially because of the cascading feature of its lakes. Refresh yourself at Samabor with its many clear streams and beautifully covered bridges.

Head over to Zagreb, the medieval and capital city of Croatia. This energy loaded city maintains its combination of East and West European features while graciously developing into the modern world. Enjoy a good selection of art galleries and museums. Picnic out at the Maksimir Park and go bar hopping at night at Tkalčićeva which is constantly paraded by the best musicians and DJs. Hop on a boat and go sailing around the coasts of Croatia, one of the best ways to view the abundance of beautiful coastal islands and archipelagos.

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