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Greece as a tour and holiday destination
Greece is a heady blend of history, sunshine, white beaches, and delicious food, guaranteed to make you want to come back for more.
Athens, the capital city, exudes ancient history from its very stones and as you wind your way through the Plaka quarter, come face to face with monuments still standing after 2,000 years. Climb up the Acropolis, in the heart of the city, to view the Parthenon temple up close, then watch a beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean Sea from the cliffs of Sounion, with the Temple of Poseidon as a backdrop.

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14D11N Italy & Greece (6480) [Flights Included]

2023-01-09T16:10:07+08:00Country: Greece, Italy|City: , , , , |

Travel Period: from March 27, 2023 till September 30, 2024


14 Days

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10D9N The Best of Greece (6670) [Flights Included]

2023-01-09T15:47:25+08:00Country: Greece|City: , , , , , |

Travel Period: from April 15, 2023 till October 5, 2024


10 Days

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