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Holland as a tour and holiday destination
Holland, or the Netherlands, is a small country with a rich heritage, famous for its Dutch painters. Its size and laid back attitude make this country a must stay for any traveller.
Wander the canals of Amsterdam, or, better still, do as the locals do and see the city from the handlebars of a bike. Amsterdam is easy to walk around and always has something new to discover. Relax in a cafe next to the waterfront and people watch, or, if you are feeling daring, take a stroll through the Red Light District after dark, but be warned – it’s not for the faint-hearted! Visit an art museum and explore the city’s more recent history with a tour of Anne Frank’s house.


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From: $7760.4 $6248.4 From: €6790.35 €5467.35 From: £5820.3 £4686.3 From: RM32335 RM26035 From: CAD9700.5 CAD7810.5 From: AUD9700.5 AUD7810.5 From: SGD10347.2 SGD8331.2

16D15N Magnificient Rivers of Europe (WBA)

2021-07-22T14:29:04+08:00Country: Austria, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Slovakia|City: , , , |

Booking Period: from Now till June 21, 2021


16 Days
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11D10N The Rhine & Moselle (WHZ/WZH)

2021-07-22T14:29:07+08:00Country: France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland|City: , , |


11 Days
From: $3290.4 $2016 From: €2879.1 €1764 From: £2467.8 £1512 From: RM13710 RM8400 From: CAD4113 CAD2520 From: AUD4113 AUD2520 From: SGD4387.2 SGD2688

8D7N Romantic Rhine (WAZ/WZA)

2021-07-22T16:20:49+08:00Country: France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland|City: , , , , , , |

Booking Period: from Now till August 23, 2021
Travel Period: from March 29, 2022 till October 24, 2023


8 Days

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15D14N Magnificient Europe (WAB)

2021-07-22T14:29:08+08:00Country: Austria, Germany, Holland, Hungary|City: , , , |

Booking Period: from Now till June 21, 2021


15 Days
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