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India as a tour and holiday destination
India is the most popular holiday destination in South Asia. It has enough to see and do for several visits: there are historical attractions, culture, festivals, religion, temples, mosques, palaces, beaches, deserts, mountains. With a total of 21 official recognized languages in India, the best way to see this vast country is to concentrate on one region at a time, and not try to see everything in a week or two.

Must-visit places in India
Today, India also offers five-star luxury, and it has some of the best luxury hotels in the world. Many five-star hotels are located in old palaces and forts, and are ideal for couples on honeymoons. India has always attracted backpackers as well because there are lots to see with a cheaper cost. The beaches in Goa and in Kerala attract families. Those who like nature can visit dozens of wildlife parks and maybe even see a tiger. Most visitors also love to sample Indian food, and southern India’s cuisine is especially interesting. Each city has its own specialty and unique buildings that should not be missed out.

Best time to visit India
The best time to visit most regions in India is between November and March. There are colorful festivals almost every month but Diwali, the festival of lights in November, is one of the main celebrations. April and May can be very hot, and the monsoon season from June to September brings heavy rain to some parts of the country. It is possible to travel around during the rainy season too, although some parts of the country might be inaccessible during the heaviest rains. India’s beaches are at their best in the winter months, from November to February. From the deserts in Rajasthan to the beaches in Goa, India has something for every type of traveller. Most visitors will want to return to this beautiful country more than once.

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