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Ireland as a tour and holiday destination
Ireland is a country full of tourist cliches. This beautiful gem of Europe is known as the Emerald Island. Filled the most amazing scenery and landscape the world has ever seen, Ireland paints the idealistic paradise of greenery and serenading sights. From the mountains, lakes, seas and beautiful skies, the nation is one that has definitely even survived the deliberate attempts of modern development. Nevertheless, Ireland is still at the level when it comes to being developed.

Dublin, the nation’s capital is an epitome of a bustling modern city. With more than a quarter of Ireland’s population residing in Dublin alone, the city is as busy as any other. Its vibrancy, nightlife and tourist attractions are definitely worthy to attract tourist from around the world. Visit the many libraries, museums and cathedrals that are present in Dublin. Sit back and enjoy a theatre show at Abbey and Gaiety Theater. Visit the Guinness Storehouse and discover the story of Ireland’s most popular beverage. Catch a game of hurling at the Croke Park Stadium.

Get out of the city and visit Blarney Castle, the Cliffs of Moher one of Ireland’s biggest destinations. Stroll or cycle through the small magical islands of Aran. Traverse and skirt the dramatic coast of the wild and barren hinterland of Connemara. Experience a generous slice of alpine magic in the wilds of Donegal at the Glen Gesh pass.

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