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Japan as a tour and holiday destination
Japan is a beautiful country surrounded by deep history and filled with a rich culture that should be experienced by everyone. Japan itself is an island nation in East Asia located in the northern Pacific Ocean. Mount Fuji, which is located on the island of Honshu, is the highest mountain in Japan and a must-see when visiting the area. Some other popular places to check out are the seven theme parks of Tokyo Disneyland, Harajuku(which is an area around the Harajuku station), the four theme parks of Universal Studios Japan which is located in Osaka, and more.

The culture of Japan is considered a contemporary hybrid culture, which combines influences from Asia, Europe, and North America. Another interesting thing to participate in which is very popular in the visual arts of Japans culture is the practice of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangements. It has gained fame for its focus on harmony, color use, and elegantly simple designs.

Must-visit places in Japan
When going to Japan, couples can enjoy the scenery of beauty while also delving into the culture of Japan together. Whereas back packers will enjoy seeing things like Mount Fuji or exploring the countryside of Japan. Travel to the Gion District which is home to several traditional restaurants, tea houses, and various religious structures. Private dinners can be arranged so that the experience of a professional Maiko can be explored while dining on beautifully arranged foods. The culinary delights of Japan are not limited to just sushi. There are plenty other kinds of food offered. Something outdoorsy and fun can be scuba diving off the coast of Japan, cycling, hiking, and skiing.

Best time to visit Japan
Some festivals that are a must see are Sapporo Snow Festival, Yokote Kamakura Festival, and many more depending on the time of year. Festivals are a wonderful way to experience the culture of a place. There are plenty of package deals that can allow you to visit certain areas of Japan. Any time of year is a perfect time to visit Japan, and the weather is different between regions.

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