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Maldives as a tour and holiday destination
The Maldives island consists of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean and approximately 250 miles from India. Although it is small in size, many tourists have found it to offer enormous appeal. The Maldives Coral Reefs attract millions of people each year. With almost 2000 coral reefs that border elegant, white beaches, it’s easy to know why people love to visit. This was built by Sultan Ibrahim Skandhar in 1656 and offers a great architectural tour.

While visiting the area you will witness many different cultures and religions. Although the people from the Maldives are from various places and practice different religious beliefs, they all are bound together by the beauty of this island nation. Everyone can enjoy a visit to the Maldives as the blues of the ocean is a sight to see and the untouched, white beaches offer an aspect not found in most beaches. With the underwater amazement offered by the ocean and the Coral Reef, the Maldives have been ranked as the best recreational diving destination in the world.

Things to do in Maldives
Due to the pleasant temperatures, many visitors enjoy sporting adventures such as snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, and windsurfing. These small homes called “house reefs” offer personal areas to dive, swim and scuba and have a romantic, but adventurous feel. Numerous fine-dining establishments can be found featuring gourmet dishes of fresh seafood. Coconut can be found in different forms in most restaurants because it is considered a food staple.

If you are interested in shopping, there are hundreds of amazing stores. Unique items such as clothing, home decor, handmade jewellery and artwork can all be purchased while visiting the islands. For the younger crowd, there are many bars and clubs where you can listen to island music and dance the night away! The Maldives offers some great events throughout the year. The Underwater Festival falls in the month of April and has been officially endorsed by the Maldives Tourism Bureau. This festival is perfect for ocean lovers and offers many different events. Although certain festivals fall within certain times of the year, the Maldives offers amazing weather all year long. Visiting the area can be an option whenever you desire!

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