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Birthplace of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, Mexico is teeming with remnants of their legacies as evidenced in towering pyramids, temples and courtyards. Home to the Chichen Itza, courtesy of the Mayans and the Temple Mayor of the Aztecs, Mexico has a wealth of well-preserved ancient ruins, many of which are protected UNESCO World Heritage sites.The arrival of the Spanish at the turn of the 16 century has left Mexico with gorgeous colonial structures such as atypical Spanish plazas, churches and mansions scattered throughout the country. The amalgamation of diverse architectural marvels would delight history buffs as these sprawling sites showcase the best displays of the pre-historic and colonial times present throughout Mexico. Not to go amiss is the country’s stunning landscapes. With year round temperate weather, it’s ideal for visiting Mexico’s famed party havens such as the beaches in Cabo and Cancun or the picturesque coastal towns of Tulum and Manzanillo. Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the globe, with cactus dotted deserts, snow-capped mountains, rich rain forests and lush lagoons.


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17D16N Wonders of Mesoamerica

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