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Norway as a tour and holiday destination
Norway is a nordic country well-loved for its breathtaking scenery: fjords, snow-capped mountains and forests, and the outdoors is well ensconced into the Norwegian psyche.

Oslo is the vibrant capital of Norway, with a thriving arts scene and captivating eclectic architecture. The city centre is the perfect size to get about by foot, which allows you to explore the myriad museums that Oslo offers at your own pace. Oslo also benefits from a large number of public parks, so in the summer relax on the park benches and watch the world go by.

Bergen, a city surrounded by seven fjords and hills, is a UNESCO heritage city and thoroughly charming, with traditional wooden houses. Trondheim is the oldest of Norway’s cities, and the Nidaros Cathedral, the largest church in northern Europe, rises above the city. Head out of the city to swim in the fjords nearby for a truly Norwegian experience.

Stavanger is a wonderful place to eat for those who love the cuisine, with its weekend food markets over the summer months along the harbour area. Tromso provides a contrast with its frenetic energy and is great to visit year-round, with sledging in the winter and hiking in the summer.

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