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Portugal as a tour and holiday destination
Portugal, located to the west of Spain, has a rich cultural heritage which has long bewitched visitors.

Visit Lisbon, the capital city, and you will soon discover why, with its pretty winding alleys, colourful tiled buildings and elegant palaces. Wind your way up through the maze of the old town, dodging trams as you go, to reach the Castelo de Sao Jorge and its dramatic views over Lisbon and the surrounding landscape. Try a deliciously light pasties de Nata from one of the bakeries, or enjoy a fresh seafood dinner in Cascais, overlooking the sea.

Make your way to Sintra, a sleepy village located in misty forests, to see the beautiful castles and architecture that made Sintra one of Europe’s first centres for the romantic style of buildings. Travel northwards, to Porto, and en route wonder at the stunning mountainous scenery. The centre of Porto, Ribeira, is UNESCO world heritage listed, with a mix of baroque and medieval, along with wide boulevards. Porto is also the capital for Port, and an arranged tasting is a must, matching perfectly with the delicious local cuisine along the riverfront.

An evening of Fado, Portuguese music, is not to be missed, and the tunes of it its soulful singers and musicians will linger long after you have left.

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