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Slovakia as a tour and holiday destination
Slovakia is a nation that is often skipped by unknowing travellers. A country that that still misconceived to be still in the past war times, in reality Slovakia is a peaceful destination and well loaded with some of the most unforgettable sights. Completely landlocked, the small country is home to opportunities for beautiful scenery, vivid history and relaxation.

Visit walking capital city of Bratislava and check out its classical architectures like the St. Martin’s Cathedral and Bratislava Castle. Explore your taste buds with local delicacies like goulash and Bryndzove halusky. Be dazzled by the the natural landscapes of Slovakia with its many UNESCO designated National Parks. Visit the Vysoke Tatry with the High Tatras mountain range; the well preserved medieval town of Bardejov; and explore the majesty Spis Castle, one of Central Europe’s largest castle sites.

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