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South Korea as a tour and holiday vacation
Wedged between China and Japan, South Korea is an Asian holiday destination that receives less attention than its neighbours but has just as much to offer for tours and vacations. Each year, about ten million foreigners visit this peninsula that juts out into the Sea of Japan, especially the capital city of Seoul. With thousands of years of history on display, beautiful natural parks in the soaring mountains, and a thriving culture that is being exported around the globe, South Korea has many different attractions to offer any visitor.

Things to do in South Korea
For those with an interest in the exotic but a preference to remain in a first-world country, South Korea offers a wide variety of fascinating destinations and activities. Those with a penchant for trying new things will love much of the culture, especially the foods in the nation that are beyond compare. The national dish, after all, is an attraction unto itself: live octopus, served alive and wriggling. If you want to live on the fast side of the culture, the thriving nightclubs are great for singles and young couples, where you can dance to famous Korean techno music, commonly called K-pop.

Best time to visit South Korea
Korea has a four-season climate similar to much of the United States, Europe, and Japan. While there are few weather extremes, the summer monsoons do affect the rainfall in July. There are holidays and religious festivals in Korea that make nearly any time of the year a good choice for a visit. On March 1st, visitors can help commemorate Independence Movement Day, the celebration of the date when Korea split from Chinese control after centuries of subjugation. Visitors who want to learn the fascinating history of a nation and experience a vibrant culture can consider South Korea as their next holiday destination.

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