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Sweden as a tour and holiday destination
Sweden, located in northern Europe, is a wonderful place to visit, whether in the summer months to celebrate the Swedish festival of Midsummer, or the winter months to experience the beauty of the country in the s
now. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, and its pretty pastel-coloured buildings lined along the river make for a beautiful sight. Walkthrough Gamla Stan, the old town, and get lost in the narrow lanes, or watch the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace nearby. Marvel at the Vasa, the world’s only intact 17th-century warship and learn about what life was like on the ship. The range of food on offer in this easy-going city is immense, so be sure to find yourself a restaurant beside the river as the sun sets for your perfect Stockholm moment.


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10D9N Pearls of Northern Europe

2021-08-26T16:35:40+08:00Country: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom|City: , , , , , , |

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9D8N Historic Cities of the Baltic Sea

2021-08-24T12:11:27+08:00Country: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Sweden|City: , , , |

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Travel Period: from July 5, 2022 till July 20, 2022


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10D9N Northern Capitals (ZT)

2021-09-02T13:10:30+08:00Country: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden|City: , , , |

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Travel Period: from April 30, 2022 till September 17, 2022


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