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Vietnam as a tour and holiday destination
Vietnam has more than its fair share of attractions for anyone looking for exotic culture and thousands of years of history. Often overshadowed by neighbouring Thailand and located across the South China Sea from Taiwan, the Philippines, and Malaysia, this jungle country features Buddhist monasteries like the My Pho temple that date back centuries alongside elephants that lumber through cities with riders and heavy loads on their backs. Should you consider a holiday in Vietnam?

Must-visit places in Vietnam
People with an interest in the lush, vibrant colour schemes of a city or a jungle would appreciate Vietnam’s greenery and tours of their tropical gardens. Halong Bay, known as the Bay of the Descending Dragon, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of two thousand small limestone isles covered by jungle vegetation. These isles may be seen by boat and the more adventurous tourist can climb them using a harness and scaling equipment. Anyone with a penchant for great seafood would relish the chance to eat some of the superb national dishes of Vietnam. Pho, the most popular dish, is called the “soul of the country”, featuring broth, rice noodles, herbs, and prawns. You can get ten different suggestions on what the best pho restaurant is in Vietnam. One of the top suggestions in Pho Hoa in Ho Chi Minh City.

Best time to visit Vietnam
Since Vietnam straddles the equator, nearly every day there is the same in terms of temperature. The major difference in weather, however, comes from the seasonal monsoon. From June to September, cold winds blow in from the ocean, providing relief from the year-long heat. These winds also bring heavy rain, which is a level of precipitation that a Westerner may not be familiar with: about three hundred inches falls in the span of a single month during the monsoons.

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