For a relatively small continent Europe packs a real punch. Made up of 50 countries, the continent makes a wonderful choice for culture and food lovers. Visit Southern Europe and experience Mediterranean culture with sleepy villages, the azure sea in the background and a pace of life that moves in step with the seasons. See Greece, the birthplace of western culture, or Italy and admire the Colosseum in Rome, still standing in its glory. Central Europe, made of countries such as Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland and Belgium, presents wonderful opportunities for outdoor pursuits followed by a hearty meal afterwards. East Europe, with countries such as the Czech Republic or Poland, are fast becoming as popular destinations as their neighbours, due to wonderful scenery and sights. Nordic Europe, made up of Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, has a completely different feel come winter or summer, where picture perfect winter wonderlands are transformed into golden sunshine and island hopping is the pastime of choice. Europe truly is a continent worth exploring again and again.