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Muslim-Friendly is among the tourism concepts that has great potential and is often discussed among local and international tourism industry  Thus we offer packages that focuses on Muslim Friendly Hospitality Services , which provide a comfortable tourist experience to explore destinations and experience different cultures across the world .

4-stans Central Asia
From: $5858 From: €5578 From: £4788 From: RM25470 From: CAD7590 From: AUD8456 From: SGD8125 From: HKD46152

16D15N Great Silk Road Adventure Central Asia by Orient Silk Road Express (4-Stans)

2023-04-10T22:56:58+08:00Country: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan|

Travel Period: from September 2, 2023 till September 17, 2023


16 Days
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