Chile’s landscape varies from end to end with a very intriguing flow of transitions. From the exotic beaches to the dry desserts right up to the mountainous glaciers, the country is an exciting provider of adventure catering to the interests of all visitors. The capital and economic centre of the nation, Santiago is situated at the most strategic location in the country, the midpoint. Being one of the main gateways into Chile, visitors to Santiago have easy access to both ends of the nation making travelling a tad simpler. Having based in strategic Santiago, visitors may find themselves able to go skiing up at the Andes and relaxing at the beaches both on the same day. Being populated with beautiful architecture, the hottest restaurants, bars and events, Santiago makes a perfect spot to visit. Adventure to the driest place in the world, the Atacama desert. check out the Lost Andean villages, salt flats and the amazing sand dune the deserts it plays home to. Visit the unique city of Valparaiso, relax at the volcanic lake at Pucon or experience the high octane adrenaline rush of the outdoor sports it has to offer. Be sure to also to head to Easter Island, one of the most isolated places in the world that will simply spellbind you. Take the time to scrutinize the monumental volcanic carved moai statues.