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Remarks: : Minimum of 2 adults – private basis : No Shopping Stop : Validity till 01 Jan - 30 Jun 2024 : China Visa free for 15 days, more than 15 days need to apply visa : Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice Blackout Date: : 30 Dec, 2023 - 01 Jan 2024/ 10 Feb - 17 Feb/ 01 May - 05 May
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Day 1


Arrive in Chongqing in the afternoon, and after dinner, enjoy a night tour of Hongya Cave

Day 2


After breakfast, take a bus to Jin Fo Mountain in Nan Chuan, a picturesque destination in the southwest nicknamed the "Natural Botanical Garden." Covering 250,000 acres of pristine evergreen forests, the mountain is home to 2,997 species from 237 plant families. Known for its diverse flora and fauna, unique landscapes, rock formations, caves, and ancient temple ruins, Jin Fo Mountain is one of Sichuan's four renowned mountains, alongside Emei Mountain, Qingcheng Mountain, and Jinyun Mountain. Following the visit, continue the journey to Wulong.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 3


After breakfast, the bus will travel to Xianv Mountain National Forest Park, situated on the north bank of the Wujiang River and integral to the Wulong Karst World Natural Heritage. Covering 330,000 mu, the park features a vast natural grassland exceeding 100,000 mu, an average altitude of 1900 meters, and a main peak reaching 2033 meters. With an average annual temperature of 10.2°C, the park is known as the "Southern Grassland," "Eastern Switzerland," and "Mountain City Summer Palace." The landscape includes boundless grasslands, dense forests, and interconnected hills and plains, creating a picturesque scene known as the "Southern Grassland." Xianv Mountain offers various activities such as horseback riding, archery, skiing, grass sliding, shooting, hunting, and themed performances by the Mongolian ethnic group, allowing visitors to experience the nomadic lifestyle. The park's natural and cultural landmarks, including Xianv Stone, Tongtian Pagoda, and Pusa Tuo, provide breathtaking scenery. Next to Tiansheng Three Bridges is a remarkable karst landform in China, characterized by grandeur, uniqueness, danger, beauty, and seclusion. Recognized as a rare geological wonder and ecological tourist area, it has been praised as "Earth Heritage, World Wonder" by exploration experts and geologists. The main attractions are three large natural stone bridges—Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge, and Heilong Bridge—which collectively form the largest natural bridge group in Asia.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 4


After breakfast, the bus will head to Zuosui Ancient Town, situated in the southeastern corner of Zuoshui Town, Qianjiang District, Chongqing City, along the Apeng River. Positioned 26 kilometers from Qianjiang's main city with convenient transportation, it holds the distinction of being a national 5A- level scenic spot and a national-level historical and cultural town. This thousand-year-old ancient town showcases Tujia stilted houses, water ports, and commercial districts. As a typical old street in Chongqing, it features a well-preserved layout with a distinct southeastern Chongqing ancient town atmosphere. Beyond reflecting differences from historical districts in other cities, Zuosui Ancient Town embodies the integration, inheritance, and innovation of Ba culture, Tujia culture, and Han culture. The town's essence lies in the intertwining of port culture, merchant culture, and town culture. Next to Puhua cave Chongqing Puhua Dark River Scenic Area, situated in the Zuoshui section of Puhua River, Qianjiang District, is a tributary of the Apeng River. The dark river, over 1 kilometer long and with a depth exceeding 20 meters, features the spectacular "Black Dragon Pool" funnel where Three Bridges soar more than 150 meters above the water. Stalactites and stalagmites adorn the sides of the dark river, while the canyon beyond offers a delightful experience with gurgling water, giant rocks, shallow shoals, wild vines, and wildflowers. The area is known for its precipitous caves and caverns, making it an excellent destination for sightseeing, exploration, adventure, and enjoying the natural wilderness. Next, Enshi Girl's City in Qiliping, Enshi City, Hubei Province, is globally unique as it is the world's first city exclusively for women. Serving as a hub for Tujia culture in China, it functions as the entertainment, consumption, and tourism center in the Wuling area. The city's streets, constructed along the mountains and water flow, are paved with gray gravel. Nü'ér Street, at the core of the ancient city, is a bustling and prosperous commercial area. The overall layout, oriented north to south, maximizes natural light, with interconnected blocks providing convenience for tourists to explore the various attractions in Tujia Girls City.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 5


After breakfast, Enshi Grand Canyon, a national 5A-level tourist attraction located at the junction of Hunan, Chongqing, and Hubei provinces, is celebrated as one of the world's most beautiful grand canyons. This geological wonder boasts a 10,000-meter sheer cliff gallery, cascading waterfalls, towering peaks, and a ten-mile-long deep ravine, rivaling the Grand Canyon in the United States. Recognized as the birthplace of "Eastern Valentine's Day - Tujia Romantic Daughter's Meeting," it is also home to China's largest canyon live-action musical drama, "Dragon Boat Tune." Referred to as the "most beautiful scar on Earth," Enshi Grand Canyon is situated in the Yulong Rift and has earned a place among the 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China, known as "One Incense Stick." Renowned as a "world geological wonder" and the "Oriental Colorado," it is a must-visit destination. After lunch, the journey continues with a bus to Lichuan.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 6


After breakfast at the hotel, Visit City Cable Car, San Daoguai Ancient Village, and Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Area. Chongqing's City Cable Car, operational since 1964, boasts a 54-year history and stands as a vital transportation link between Changshou River Street and the city. Against the mountains, it ascends and descends via cables, navigating cliffs to meet at the mountainside. Designed by renowned bridge expert Mao Yisheng with a "fish-belly" track, the cable car reaches a vertical height of 110 meters. As China's longest, steepest, and longest-running ground passenger cable car, it is celebrated as a marvel of the mountain city, providing a unique and beautiful scenic journey. Next to, San Daoguai Ancient Village, situated in the northeastern corner of Changshou District in Chongqing, is the best-preserved collection of Ming and Qing Dynasty street and market buildings in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area. Known as "San Daoguai," this ancient street market has earned a place among the top 15 historical and cultural streets in China. The street, featuring three sharp turns and six sections, derives its name from encountering three sharp turns while walking. Today, San Daoguai serves not only as a historical reflection of Changshou but has also evolved into a comprehensive tourist destination for film and television shooting, nostalgia experiences, folklore collection, and leisurely sightseeing. Next, Tongjing Hot Spring. Spanning 15 square kilometers, the Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Area is a diverse landscape featuring mountains, water, forests, springs, gorges, caves, waterfalls, celestial pools, small islands, ancient forts, and eagle groups. Revered as a "natural museum" and a "Wuling fairyland" by generations of literati and scholars, it stands out for its rich hot spring resources, regarded among the best in China. Noteworthy for its large flow, high temperature, excellent water quality, and significant medical and scientific value, the area combines "calcium sulfate hot springs" and "heavy calcium carbonate cold springs," ranking among the top in China and the first in the southwest. After dinner, the group will return to the hotel by bus for rest.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 7


After breakfast at the hotel, Visit Yangtze River Cableway, Experiencing Chongqing's night view is essential, and riding the one-kilometer-long Yangtze River Cableway offers a stunning perspective. Providing a close-up view of Chongqing's night scenery, the cableway showcases the brilliant lights of Yuzhong Peninsula, the dazzling Binjiang Road, the sparkling waters of the Yangtze River, and the colorful bridges across the river. The experience is enhanced on misty rainy nights, creating an ethereal "Night Rain in Bashan" scene reminiscent of ink-wash painting, with the city and mountains depicted in ink and watercolors. Next to, Liziba Light Through Building. Chongqing Metro Line 2 "Liziba Station" is located on the sixth and seventh floors of a residential building in Yuzhong District, Chongqing. Liziba Station and this building were designed and built simultaneously. This station has a side platform and is the only station within a building on the entire line. Ciqikou, situated on the banks of the Jialing River in Shapingba District, Chongqing, dates back to the Song Dynasty. Characterized by a unique landscape of "one river, two streams, three mountains, and four streets," it serves as a natural harbor and a vital water and land terminal along the Jialing River. Once bustling with activity, Ciqikou was known for its vibrant daytime crowds and illuminated nights. Enriched with Ba-Yu culture, religious culture, ceramics culture, Hongyan culture, and folk culture, Ciqikou is considered a miniature and symbol of ancient Chongqing, earning the affectionate title of "Little Chongqing." Next to, Tanzishi Old Street. Tanzishi Old Street, designed with the concept of "Old Street, New Delights," showcases traditional Sichuan and Chongqing architectural techniques in its reconstructed form at the original location. Visitors can appreciate raised platforms, cantilevers, stilt houses, and box-like structures, savoring the ancient buildings' beauty in the mountain city. The old street offers a panoramic view of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers' confluence, and ascending along an 80-meter height difference provides a unique charm of "looking at the river in front and the city behind." Core landscapes include "One Street, Two Ports, Four Courtyards, and Ten Scenic Spots," with notable features like Wang Family Mansion, Sun Family Garden, Xia Family Mansion, and Qingyang Mansion. The ascent reveals "Ten Scenic Spots" such as Haiguan Stone, Yingyuechi, Qingyun Bridge, and more. After dinner, the group will return to the hotel by bus for rest.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 8


After breakfast at the hotel, free at leisure until time for transfer to the airport for your flight departure.

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8D7N Chongqing In-Depth & Breath- Taking Enshi Tour

MYR3,668 per person
8 Days

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