Ethiopia is a land of many firsts. The coffee bean originated here and the Ethiopian alphabet is one of the oldest alphabets still in use in the world. It is also the first independent country in Africa and is one of the oldest Christian nations in the world, second only to Armenia. Ethiopia is believed to be the cradle of mankind with some of the oldest collections of modern human fossils dating 3.5 million years ago. It is the birthplace of ’Lucy’, the ‘first’ living homo sapien. Ethiopia is the place of discovery and adventure. Unearth the mesmerizing churches of Lalibela, hewn out of a cliff. This ancient pilgrimage site comes alive with the local pilgrims alighting the way robed in white and incense in hand for an other-worldly experience. Step into the shoes of Indiana Jones and hunt down the hidden tombs of the legendary Queen of Sheba in Aksum, the once-powerful kingdom in the Ethiopian civilization. For more outdoorsy discovery, venture forth to the peaks of the Simien Mountains, trek the sulphur fumaroles of the Danakil Depression or raft along the Omo River. On the other hand, the bustling city of Addis Ababa is where you’ll find sheepherders and immaculately dressed businessmen traversing the same streets. The heart of this nation lies in this city of contrasts.