The Baltic nation of Lithuania possess a long and colorful history, once boasting mighty empires that stretched many distances. Today, it is a popular tourist destination that boasts a collaboration of its Pagan roots along with its Catholic influences. Visit Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city which although is absolutely small in size, makes up with its rich content. Home of Europe’s finest Baroque architectures, Vilnius is a multinational city that sits by banks of River Neris. Observe the city’s vivid contrast ranging from sheer eerie qualities to eccentric and amazing artistic features. Visit the many cathedrals, churches, museums and structures like the Gediminas Castle and Vilnius Cathedral. Go to the Old Town which is a UNESCO Heritage Site for the Holocaust. Head over to the Curonian Split and enjoy views of the Baltic Sea waves and sand dunes. Explore the Trakai Island Castle and Kaunas Castle. Head to the remarkable Hill of Crosses, a popular pilgrimage site and go to the Hill of Witches which is filled with sculptures of legends and tales. Experience the wild and endless parties at Palanga before watching the sunrise at the pier.