Mauritius as a tour and holiday destination
Mauritius is one of the best holiday destinations in the world today. This Island paradise is located in the Indian Ocean and is the best tourist spot in the area. It possesses a huge range of spectacular attractions both natural and man-made. It is also home to some of the rarest species of plants and animals on Earth, which is one of the reasons why it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Mauritius is mostly accessible by Air, however, there are cruise ships which travel and ferry people to the island from places like Madagascar.

Must-visit places in Mauritius
The main tourist attraction in Mauritius is the island itself. The Grand bay is the first natural wonder tourists will see when going to this island. Tamarin falls is also one of the picturesque locations in the island. It is not easily accessible, but it is a sight to behold. Lastly, the beautiful Lion Mountain is the highest peak in the island and is one of the best places to go when reaching Mauritius.

The island is literally packed with restaurants, cafes and bars. One can really eat or drink to their hearts content and have a really good time. All kinds of cuisine are available in Mauritius. From local dishes, Indian and Arabian tastes and even oriental and western cuisine are available. The bazaars and markets in Mauritius is the main place where one can really shop for the best souvenir items. Also, you can choose to go various supermarkets and shopping centers also available in the island’s capital, Port Louis. The night life in Mauritius is both exciting and hot. Parties are held every night and tourist from everywhere can really have a good time in Mauritius. The island also makes nice tasting cane rum which is very popular in the area.

Best time to visit Mauritius
It is best to go to Mauritius when there are not holidays and festivals, if you are planning to experience the island in a more personal ambience. The island becomes a bustling hub of people during holidays and festivals. So, if you want to go to this island and experience it yourself, Mauritius is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and thousands of people are continually experiencing the beauty of this gem of the ocean.