Peru is a country that takes its visitors back through a journey to their pre-Columbian cultures and right down to the heart of the lost civilization of the Inca Empire. It is a land rich in cultures and heritage that has been continuously practised for over 5000 years. Nevertheless, modern-day influences have also been infused and incorporated into the traditional ways of the Peruvian lifestyle. Lima, the capital and the largest city of Peru was founded during the Spanish colonization. The city boasts a variety of modern architecture that infuses and preserves its colonial heritage. Built around a desert, the city of Lima is usually warm and sunny allowing visitors to comfortably visit is vast numbers of museums and monasteries as well as to enjoy its active nightlife. Pick up a bike and tour around the city along bike-friendly routes or simply walk through town. Lima is also an ideal place for gastronomic adventures. Join a culinary tour that takes you around the city to try various Peruvian delicacies like the ever-evolving platos criollos, antichuchos or mazamorra Morada. Take up cooking lessons and attempt in recreating the pride dishes of Peru. One of the best ways to see the country of Peru is by trekking. Following the Classic Inca trail to the Machu Pichu is a must-do in the agenda. Go to the Paracas National Reserves to spot wild dolphins and other rare animals. Make your way across the waters of Lake Titicaca or dive into the warm beaches of Mancora. Explore the mysteries of the Nazca Lines and Cuzco, the former imperial Inca capital.