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PONANT blends luxury with exploration, exceptional itineraries and services, abroad luxurious smaller-scale ships from average 135 staterooms and suites only. As the leader of luxury expeditions, we offer exceptional itineraries combining authentic and enriching experiences, cultural encounters taking guests as close as possible to pristine nature and ancient culture, far from the crowded maritime routes such as the Arctic, Antarctica and many more. Accompanied by experienced guides, lecturers or an Expedition team, time ashore is maximized, with many voyages featuring UNESCO-listed sites and excursions.

Arctic : Open for booking for coming season (July – Sep 2023). Exclusive Offer (Book by 31Jan 2023) : Enjoy Flight Credit worth RM6,000 per person + Solo Traveller offer

PONANT Arctic Expedition starts with Svalbard Archipelago and experience ancient fjords, majestic glaciers & even spot polar bears? Book the selected program 9D Arctic Svalbard Archipelago Expedition without worry about paying the expensive single supplement cost and Exclusive offer for  single travellers.
9D Fjords & Glacier. Date : [2023] 16, 29, 30 May, 05, 06, 20, 26 June 03 July. Find out more >>

Antarctica : Catch the next season (Nov 2023-March 2024) Enjoy up to 30% OFF & Solo Traveller Offer 

wildlife Antarctica

Catch the Antarctica season which begin from November until March.
Join us to explore the remote icy wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula. Stroll through lively crowds of king penguins in stunning South Georgia, and hike the rocky shores of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) to see nesting albatross. Experience boundless wildlife and captivating beauty as you venture into some of the planet’s most unspoiled landscapes. An experience that you will never forget.
12D Emblematic Antarctica. Date :  [2023] 04Feb, 24Feb or 17, 21, 27, 30Nov, 07Dec Find out more>>  
17D Great Austral Loop (South Georgia). 𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐞 : [𝟐𝟎𝟐3] 20Dec or [2024] 04Jan. Find out more >>

 NEW! Latest World’s Only Luxury Icebreaker – LE COMMANDANT CHARCOT

Book North Pole and South Pole adventure and enjoy Exclusive Offer (Book by 31Jan 2023) : Enjoy 30% + Flight credit worth RM8,000  & Solo Traveller Offer 

14D Emperor Penguin of the Weddell Sea. Date [2023] 02Nov, 16Nov.  Find out more >>
18D Geographic North Pole. Date : [2023] 10Jul, 11Aug, 26Aug Find out more >>

Le Commandant Charcot

This is the first deep polar expedition cruise ship built under PONANT to be equipped with a hybrid liquefied natural gas (currently the cleanest energy available) propulsion and a bank of high capacity batteries. Equipped with 123 suites and staterooms with private balcony or terrace, Le Commandant Charcot is fully in keeping with the PONANT philosophy: to provide a rare and exceptional ambiance for every passenger welcomed onboard and reinforce the feeling and sense of sailing on a private yacht
Currently the only luxury ice breaker vessel in the world that reaches North Pole and beyond the Arctic and Antarctica circle >>

Ponant – A different way of Cruising

From: $6337 From: €6033 From: £5179 From: RM27550 From: CAD8210 From: AUD9147 From: SGD8788 From: HKD49921

9D8N Historic Cities of the Baltic Sea

2022-12-21T08:43:12+08:00Country: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden|City: , , , , , , , |

Travel Period: from August 2, 2023 till August 10, 2023


9 Days
From: $15673 $10891 From: €14923 €10370 From: £12811 £8902 From: RM68142 RM47350 From: CAD20306 CAD14110 From: AUD22623 AUD15720 From: SGD21737 SGD15105 From: HKD123473 HKD85798

11D10N Pristine Spitsbergen – with National Geographic

2022-08-08T23:18:50+08:00Country: Norway|City: , , , , |

Travel Period: from August 17, 2022 till August 27, 2022


11 Days
From: $20455 $15284 From: €19476 €14553 From: £16719 £12493 From: RM88933 RM66450 From: CAD26502 CAD19802 From: AUD29526 AUD22061 From: SGD28370 SGD21198 From: HKD161147 HKD120407

14D13N Baffin Bay Secrets

2022-10-21T10:43:26+08:00Country: Canada, Greenland|City: , , , , , , , , , , , |

Travel Period: from July 27, 2022 till July 12, 2023


14 Days
From: $5602 $3772 From: €5334 €3592 From: £4579 £3083 From: RM24357 RM16400 From: CAD7258 CAD4887 From: AUD8087 AUD5445 From: SGD7770 SGD5232 From: HKD44135 HKD29717

9D8N The Essential Seychelles

2022-10-20T17:54:18+08:00Country: Seychelles|City: , , , , , , |

Travel Period: from Now till March 28, 2023


9 Days
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