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Day 1


Upon arrival, transfer to the hotel for check-in and free at your own leisure.

Day 2


Balangshan Tunnel (pass through) - Balang Shan means Balang Mountains, it is a small range of mountains at the edge of Tibetan Plateau. Balang Shan is called "the top of Panda Kingdom". Maobilian Ridge (Bridge of Cat’ Nose) is a slope about 7km from Siguniangshan Town. It is widely known as the top best place to shoot the panorama of Mount Siguniang. Mountain Siguniang (Sightseeing bus tour)- the large national park with three valleys and one mountain. Being one of the most favorite natural resorts in Sichuan. Shuangqiao Valley - is two wooden bridges rare seen in such a snow mountain forest place, it gets such a name meaning Two Bridges Valley. It is the most relaxing valley there with sightseeing buses. 

Day 3


Suopo Ancient Blockhouse (Observation) - Danba has the reputation of “A country with thousand blockhouses", "Beauty Valley". Countless shuttle slope ancient blockhouse group can be seen in the stockade village, ridge and strategic pass. Those ancient blockhouses have one thousand years history. Mount Yala (Observation) - is also named Zhara Lhaste in Tibetan meaning the mountain of white yak in
the east making itself one of the important holy mountains in Tibet. Jiaju Tibetan Village (Sightseeing bus tour) - is the most concentrated place for Jiarong Tibetans with hundreds of Tibetan-style houses built along the mountains fertile fields. It was rated as the most beautiful villages in China by Chinese National Geographic Magazine. Tagong Grassland - is a beautiful grasslands are home to Tibetan nomads grazing their herds of yaks and living in traditional black yak wool tents. Xindu Bridge - is a small town in the western part of Kangding County. It is acclaimed as the 'paradise for
photographers.' Its beauty lies not only in the Town of Xindu Bridge itself but especially along the 10-
kilometer scenic corridor extending 2 kilometers to the east and west of the town. It is well-known that
Xinduqiao is a paradise for photographers.

Day 4


Scissors Wanshan - known as Yanzishan Pass, meaning 'Lamb's Son Mountain Pass,' has an elevation of
4659 meters. It is one of the highest mountain passes along the 318 National Highway through the Kangba region. With the picturesque scenery of a thousand mountains and valleys, it offers a glimpse of the ancient charm and lingering charm of the Tea Horse Ancient Road. Kazila Mountain - is located at the boundary between Litang County and Yajiang County. Because of the high altitude, there are few trees here, mainly alpine meadows. Rabbit Mountain - its unusual shape which has an uncanny similarity to two small rabbit ears poking out of the earth, especially on clear days the rabbit ears can be clearly seen, it paints the picture of a
rabbit scurrying away from a predator. Haizi Mountain - It is typical Tibetan landscape, amazing scenic area boasts unmatched natural beauty. Changqingchun Ke Er Temple - also known as Litang temple. It is the oldest and largest yellow religion
temple of Tibetan Buddhism in Kham district. Maoya Grassland - One of the most spacious natural pastures in the Kangba area. 

Day 5


Yading (Electric car ride) - is more often known as Daocheng Yading. As the soul of Shangri-La and
photographers’ paradise with stunning authentic landscape of snow mountains, crystal-clear lakes and
rivers, flowery pastures, idyllic rural houses and temple for a superb landscape satisfaction. Mount Chianrezig (Xiannairi) - the Bodhisattva of Mercy is the No.1 among all three holy mountains in
Yading and sits at the north. Mount Jambeyang (Yangmaiyong) - means Manjusri Bodhisattva and is regarded as the embodiment of wisdom in Buddhist culture. Mount Chanadorje (Xianuoduoji) - is the east mountain at Yading and represents Vajrapani
Bodhisattva. The entire mountain is formed into nearly a pyramid shape with distinct line like cut manually. Erong Lake (Milk Lake) - Being the ancient ice glacier lake, it is the must-see water in whole Yading. Danzhen Lake (Five Color Lake) - is the highest lake in Yading with an altitude of 4,600 meters. This round shaped lake covers 0.7 acre between Xiannairi and Jambeyang. Pearl Lake - is also known as Zhuoma Lacuo Lake, which is the lowest holy lake in Yading. This lake of green and yellow is another visual refreshing surprise. Luorong Cattle Ranch - is one of the most idyllic places in Yading. Backing the three holy mountains, this is the best place to appreciate those snow mountains. Chonggu Monastery - originated from Yuan Dynasty is the only nunnery in Daocheng, however, it still stands well without much maintenance. Inside the monastery worships the statue of Sakyamuni for local people’s spiritual pursuit. 

Day 6


Bowa Mountain - is 4,513 meters above sea level. It is the first mountain to climb from Daocheng to Aden. Although the mountain is not dangerous, it is called "heroic and Brave Mountain" in Tibetan. Gonggar Langjiling Temple - which means "Snow Mountain Island" in Tibetan, is named because the three main peaks of Gonggar Snow Mountain are covered with snow all year round. It is the largest Yellow Sect temple in Daocheng. Daocheng White Pagoda - also known as White Pagoda Temple, is the largest white pagoda in Ganzi
Prefecture. Daocheng Aden Red Grassland - on the side of the road in Sangdui Town, there is an inconspicuous small pond, which is covered with red water plants every autumn. This is the beautiful red grassland of Daocheng Yading. Sangdui Town - is a small town has beautiful scenery.

Day 7


Mugecuo Scenic Area (Sightseeing Bus Tour) - is regarded as the Little Jiuzhai Valley for its thick forest, grassland and snow mountains. Mugecuo, also called Wild Man Sea, is the largest mountain lake in the area of 2000 meters above sea level.

Day 8


Jinli Ancient Street – selected by CNN as one of the 21 most beautiful streets in the world Chunxi Road - the center of Chengdu, is one of the most prosperous commercial pedestrian streets in China with various kinds of fashionable shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants, hotels, places for entertainment, and is a must visit place in Chengdu. Taikoo Li Chengdu - is close to Chunxi Road and Daci Temple. It is an open shopping center in the traditional West Sichuan styled buildings. Transfer to the airport for your flight departure


~Minimum of 4 adults – private basis, validity till June 2024.
~Peak season surcharge applies on certain dates, to be advice.
~Additional surcharge for English speaking tour guide if require.
~Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
~NO shopping stops however there have exist shop on certain scenic spot.
~Visa free for not more than 15 days when enter China.

Chengdu: Ramada Chengdu or similarDEC 2023 – MAR 2024537841484148
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8D7N Sichuan Delight

MYR4148 per person
8 Days

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