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Remarks: : Minimum of 2 adults – private basis : No Shopping Stop : Validity till 1 Apr - 31 May 2024, March & Jun : China Visa free for 15 days, more than 15 days need to apply visa : Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice Blackout Date: : 30 Dec, 2023 - 01 Jan 2024/ 10 Feb - 17 Feb/ 01 May - 05 May
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Day 1


Arrive Chongqing,visit Hongyadong night view,transfer to hotel for rest.

Day 2


After breakfast, we proceed to visit Dazu stone carving, a prominent feature in Chinese cave art, stands out as a bright pearl in the Ba Shu area's treasure house. Representative of stone carving art in the region, the stone carving area is situated in a hilly landscape with an altitude ranging from 478 to 498 meters above sea level, reaching 528 meters at the top of Vimo. The Baodingshan cliff statues, including the core features of big and small Buddha Bay and Shengshou Temple, were excavated over more than 70 years. Home to the pinnacle of Dazu stone carvings, this site has elevated the art of Chinese grottoes to its highest peak. Next to, Ciqikou ancient town, situated on the Jialing River in Shapingba District, Chongqing, dates back to the Song Dynasty. Characterized by a distinctive landscape of "one river, two streams, three mountains, and four streets," it serves as a natural harbor and a crucial water and land wharf along the Jialing River. Once thriving with daytime activities and illuminated nights, Ciqikou is rich in Bayu culture, religious culture, sand and magnetic culture, red rock culture, and folk culture, each contributing unique characteristics. The ancient stone road, a representation of a thousand years of history, is considered a miniature and symbol of the ancient city of Chongqing, earning the affectionate title of "small Chongqing." Chongqing Light Rail Line 2 features the unique "Liziba Station," situated on the sixth and seventh floors of a residential building in Yuzhong District. Designed and constructed concurrently with the building, Liziba Station is the only station on the line housed within a building, featuring side platforms. After dinner, the group will transfer to the hotel for rest by bus.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 3


After breakfast, visit to The Natural Three Bridges is a distinctive karst landscape characterized by its "majestic, strange, dangerous, beautiful, quiet, and absolute" features. Recognized as a rare geological wonder and ecological tourism area, it has been praised by adventure experts and geologists as "Earth's heritage, the world's wonders." The scenic area boasts three large-scale, magnificent natural stone bridges—Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge, and Black Dragon Bridge— forming Asia's largest natural bridge group. Abundant in forests, trees, springs, and waterfalls, the area features a captivating blend of mountains, water, fog, springs, gorges, peaks, streams, and waterfalls, creating an unforgettable experience. On June 27, 2007, during the 31st UNESCO World Heritage General Assembly, it was successfully included in the World Heritage List. Next to, Fairy Mountain National Forest Park, situated on the north bank of the Wujiang River as a key component of the Wulong Karst World Natural Heritage, spans 330,000 mu with over 100,000 mu of natural grassland. The park features vast meadows resembling cotton, lush green carpets, and a picturesque landscape with shallow hills and flat plains, earning it the titles of "Southern Pasture," "Eastern Switzerland," and "Summer Palace of Mountain City." With an average elevation of 1,900m and a main peak at 2,033m, the park offers horseback riding, archery, skiing, grass-skiing, shooting, hunting, and Mongolian-style theme shows, providing a taste of nomadic life. The natural and cultural landmarks like Fairy Stone, Tongtian Pagoda, and Bodhisattva Tuotuo enhance the scenic beauty. After dinner, the group will transfer to the hotel for rest by bus.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 4


After breakfast, we proceed to Wuijiang Gallery. Wujiang Gallery, acclaimed as a national scenic spot and a 4A-level tourist attraction, is renowned for the phrase "Thousand Miles of Wujiang River, Hundred Miles of Gallery." The gallery features various attractions, such as the Abong River Rafting Scenic Spot, Qingquan Corridor Bridge Scenic Spot, and Ma'ancheng Scenic Spot, making it an ideal destination for leisure and sightseeing. To truly appreciate the magnificent beauty and thrill of the Hundred Mile Gallery along the Wujiang River, visitors can embark on the "Wujiang Painted Boat" for a rafting experience. This allows them to wander through the gallery, feeling the river breeze and immersing themselves in the stunning scenery and excitement of the Wujiang River. Next, visit to Longmenhao Old Street, situated in the central area of Chongqing's main city along Nanbin Road, spans over 300 acres with a total area of 180,000 square meters. Boasting a rich history, spanning millennia, the area encompasses more than two hundred buildings from different periods, forming a historical and cultural district. It houses 18 notable historical relics, establishing itself as the best-preserved and largest historical and cultural old street in Chongqing's main city. The street is famously associated with "Longmen Haoyue," one of the twelve scenic spots of Cuba and Chongqing, attracting numerous literati and ink writers who vie for inscriptions in this culturally significant location. Continue to Yangtze
River Cable Car. Experiencing the Yangtze River Cable Car, spanning approximately 1,000 meters, provides a close-up view of Chongqing's night scenery. The vividly illuminated Yuzhong Peninsula, sparkling riverside road, glistening Yangtze River, and colorful bridges create a captivating panorama. Particularly enchanting on misty nights, the cable car ride offers an ink and light colored "Night Rain Picture of Bashan," depicting the rainy ambiance of Bashan, with the city's mountains and forests portrayed in ink and water, providing a unique and picturesque experience. Raffles City Chongqing Chaotianmen Square is situated at the confluence of the Jialing River and the Yangtze River on the Yuzhong Peninsula in Chongqing. Positioned near one of the seventeen ancient city gates, Chaotianmen Square offers a scenic view where the turquoise waters of the Jialing River on the left meet the tawny Yangtze River on the right, creating the picturesque "clip horse water" landscape. The confluence forms a cascade flowing thousands of miles into the East China Sea, renowned as the "golden section of water" on the Yangtze River. After dinner,transfer to board the ship.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 5


After breakfast, disembarkation to visit Fengdu Ghost City. Fengdu Ghost City Located on the north bank of the Yangtze River in Fengdu County, downstream of Chongqing Municipality. This site holds the distinction of being one of the first AAAA level tourist areas in China and is a popular destination for Yangtze River cruise passengers. The Ghost City is divided into the Ghost City Famous Mountain Scenic Area and Ghost King Rock Carving Scenic Area. Noteworthy structures within the Ghost City include the Humming Shrine, Heavenly Son Hall, Naihe Bridge, Yellow Springs Road, Wangxiang Terrace, Pharmaceutical King Hall, and other buildings symbolizing the netherworld. Recognized as one of the most prominent humanistic landscapes along the golden tourism route of the Yangtze River, Fengdu Ghost City offers a unique and culturally rich experience.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 6


After breakfast, we proceed to visit Qutang Gorge, an AAAAA level tourist attraction in Fengjie County, Chongqing Municipality, is renowned for its high rock walls and surging river, often referred to as "Dangerous as the Jiange, male as the Kui." Attractions within Qutang Gorge include Fengjie Ancient City, Bazhongtu, Yufu Pagoda, Baidi City cultural relics, ancient palisades, the mysterious Wind Box Gorge, and the unique "rhinoceros moon" peak. Next we continue to Wu Gorge, extending from Daning River east of Wushan County to Guandukou in Badong County, spans 46 kilometers and is celebrated for its beauty, featuring deep valleys, strange peaks, meandering rivers, and poetic  scenery. The gorge is often described as a beautiful gallery with green mountains, twisting rivers, and characteristic peaks like Witch Gorge. Xiling Gorge, historically known for its twists, turns, strange rocks, and dangerous waters, stretches from Zigui County in Hubei province to Nanjin Pass in Yichang city. Despite calming waters due to governance efforts and the completion of the Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project, Xiling Gorge remains a visually stunning landscape. Notable locations include Sword and Soldier Gorge, Ox Liver and Horse Lung Gorge, Zigui (Qu Yuan's hometown), Lamp Shadow Gorge, and the gorge's historically significant north and south banks, adorned with celebrated poetry by Qu Yuan, Bai Juyi, Ouyang Xiu, Su Zhe, and other renowned figures from past dynasties.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 7


After breakfast, visit to Three Gorges Dam (including electric car). The Three Gorges Project has both environmental benefits and drawbacks. The positive aspects, highlighted in the demonstration, primarily center around the middle region. These include reducing flood damage, minimizing coal pollution, and decreasing siltation in Dongting Lake. On the flip side, adverse effects are concentrated in the reservoir area, involving issues like submerged farmland, altered landscapes, a substantial number of displaced residents, threats to rare species in Shang Duizhen, tail floods, landslides, and potential seismic impacts, which collectively influence terrestrial plants and animals to a certain extent. After lunch we transfer to Wuhan. After we arrive to Wuhan we continue to The ancient city of Jingzhou, located on the western edge of the expansive Jianghan Plain, has a historical significance dating back to the Han Dynasty. In that era, it was named after the nearby Jing Mountains and became a prominent location with various emperors establishing their capitals there since the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Over time, the city played a crucial role in military engagements. Structurally, the ancient city comprises three layers, featuring a water city on the outer layer, a brick city in the center, and an earth city on the inner layer. Next, to Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, recognized as the world's first pedestrian street, holds the title of the longest pedestrian street in China. Situated in the heart of Hankou, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, it spans from Yanjiang Avenue in the south to Jiefang Avenue in the north, covering a total length of 1,600 meters. The street, boasting a width of 10 to 25 meters, is renowned as a century-old commercial hub in Wuhan and is often referred to as the "Museum of 20th Century Architecture in Wuhan." After dinner transfer to hotel for rest by bus.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Day 8


After breakfast, free at leisure until time for transfer to the airport for your flight departure.

Travel Period No of Pax Single Twin / Triple Child No Bed
01 Apr - 31 May 20242 AdultsRM9,078RM7,208RM5,268
4 AdultsRM7,268RM5,398RM3,528
6 AdultsRM6,758RM4,878RM3,098
8 AdultsRM6,408RM4,528RM2,758
March & Jun 20242 AdultsRM8,778RM7,038RM5,178
4 AdultsRM6,968RM5,218RM3,448
6 AdultsRM6,448RM4,708RM3,018
8 AdultsRM6,108RM4,358RM2,668
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8D7N World Heritages & Magnificent Yangtze Three

MYR4,358 per person
8 Days

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