The thought of Morocco conjures up images of crowded souks, the fragrance of incense and a rich cultural history, and the experience does not disappoint. Start in Casablanca, immortalised in the film of the same name. This city is the most cosmopolitan in Morocco and the heart of the economy. Stroll past whitewashed colonial buildings, art-deco modernist buildings and the very ornate Hassan II Mosque. The medina of Fes is the largest Islamic medieval city that is still lived in, and you can easily get lost in the curving alleyways and bazaars as you explore, discovering a new side to Morocco with every turn. Marrakech’s Djemaa el-Fna, the main square, provides you with a bewildering range of entertainments to enjoy, from haggling at one of the stands to snake charmers and larger than life storytellers – the locals are often just as enthralled as the tourists and if you start to yearn for the countryside, visit the Atlas mountains, home to the Berbers, the indigenous ethnic group of North Africa, and share a cup of Moroccan mint tea together under the stars.