Orient : 15D14N The Legendary Silk Road: From Almaty to Tashkent by Orient Silk Road Express (4-Stans)

- Suitable for Adventure travellers who seek for soft adventure and comfort. - Central Asia is vast and distances are huge, therefore opting to travel on the private Silk Road Orient Express makes perfect sense. - The majority of journeys are undertaken at night so you wake up in your next destination ready for a day’s sightseeing - Our package combines both overnight on board the train and hotels. - We offers a choice of 3 accommodation categories on board train from Ali Baba to Aladdin and Kalif while a comfortable hotel stay in the cities where we stop. - Every day a guided land excursions at the most interesting places along the route are included.

26D25N The Five Stans of Silk Road (AYBA)

See all the 'stans (well, most of them) on this comprehensive 26-day tour through Central Asia. Learn about nomadic life in Song Köl, explore natural landscapes like Kaindy Lake's sunken forest, and witness the hustle and bustle of capital cities and their bazaars, cathedrals, and historical sites. Along the way, you'll sleep like the locals do in homestays and yurts to get even closer to this underexplored destination.

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