~ Discover the charm of Northern Norway! Tromsø is the vibrant capital of the North, and this is where you will start your tour. A local guide will take you on a Northern Lights chase, and with some luck you will see the Aurora Borealis dance overhead in the night sky. You will continue your journey into a wilderness camp in the Lyngen Alps. Follow the footsteps of famous polar explorers, as you discover the arctic landscapes with a dog sled team and snowmobile. You will end your tour on the gorgeous island of Sommarøy, where crystal clear turquoise waters await. You will end your tour in an accommodation in the nature.

13D12N Baltic Adventure (EXVS)

Decades after the fall of communism, the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia remain a mystery to most travelers. We’re not complaining, though; more mystery means fewer crowds and an easier time getting to know these fantastic countries. Beginning in charming cobble-stoned Vilnius and ending in beautiful Helsinki, this two-week trip gets to the...

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